Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2018

I've mentioned many times that I've lived my entire life in Oregon. I haven't seen everything the state has to offer during that time, but I've visited much of it.

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2018

There's a town a little west of the middle called Sisters, named after the Three Sisters mountains nearby. It's an adorable place any day, but every year in July they fill the town with quilts.

(I have a lot of photos to share, so each of these is a slide show. Just press the right arrow to scroll through them)

I've never made it there on just the right weekend, so this year I made it a goal. My ever-supportive husband tagged along, and we made the trek to the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show. 

It's held on Saturday, with classes leading up to it throughout the week. I didn't sign up for any of those, but we did roll in a day early so I could visit some of my favorite quilt shops in Bend, which I told you all about a couple of years ago.

Fabric was purchased, but I'm going to save that reveal because I'm using it for the photos for the patterns I'm working on for my shop.

We got up early Saturday morning because the weather forecast was promising high 90's and we thought it would be smart to get in and out before the late afternoon heat really hit. Everyone else had the same idea, so we ended up in a bit of a traffic jam, something I'm sure they only see once a year.

Once we arrived, my navigator planned out a route for us and we started walking. You almost don't know which way to turn your head, because they hang those quilts everywhere. I was surprised there weren't people running into each other constantly.

The website says they receive over 10,000 visitors, but we overheard a sheriff's deputy telling a group that there are an extra 40,000 people in town when the quilt show is happening! Compare that to the town's population of about 2500.

There were waitresses and fabric cutters helping out friends in restaurants and stores they don't ordinarily work for. My friend Kristi from My Quilting Loft had her cousin in town from Nebraska to help her and her daughter out in their booth!

The entire event is put on by The Stitchin' Post, home of Jean and Valori Wells. It was started in 1975, and according to their website, brings nearly 2 million dollars to the local economy. Wow.

We think we saw almost all of the quilts, which apparently totaled somewhere around 1400. It was quite an event, and one I hope I can make it to again some day. Maybe I'll even get brave enough to send in one of my own quilts for display!

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