Friday Favorites–Nautical

Today’s Friday Favorite topic was inspired by my lunch yesterday.  As I was enjoying a tasty bowl of salmon chowder, I started thinking about all the nautically influenced crafts and fashions I’ve noticed lately.  It’s a trend I really like, and I’m always happy to see it come around again. 

Friday Favorites - 10 Nautical Crafts - Crafty Staci

Until I read it, I never would have guessed that these Decorative Nautical Pilings from Miss Kopy Kat began as foam pool noodles.

Nautical Pilings from Pool Noodles from Miss Kopy Kat

I can’t even imagine the amount of patience required to make this Herringbone Driftwood Table from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs, but totally worth it.

Herringbone Driftwood Table from Sarah M Dorsey Designs

This adorable Pocket Sized Magnetic Fishing Set from Doodlecraft would be a great activity to keep in the car to entertain the little ones on their way to school.  Fish…school…

Pocket Sized Magnetic Fishing Set from DoodleCraft

Out there in cyberland, this quote is attributed to a number of people and places, but I love it, regardless of its origin.  Get this Smooth Sea Printable from Sumo’s Sweet Stuff.

Smooth Sea Skillful Sailor Printable from Sumos Sweet Stuff

This Kaleidoscope Mariner’s Compass Quilt Block from Trillium Design on Craftsy would be a great way to add a little nautical feel to a room without necessarily using traditional colors.

Kaleidoscope Mariners Compass from Craftsy

This DIY Shelf from My Home Ideas would perfectly in a seaside cottage.

DIY Shelves from My Home Ideas

This Seashell Sailboat from Spoonful is easy to make and combines two nautical favorites – shells and boats.

Seashell Sailboat from Spoonful

These Wire Work Anchor Necklaces from RefreshingDesigns on Etsy are just beautiful, and there are tons of color options.

Wirework Anchor Necklaces from RefreshingDesigns on Etsy

I’m not sure from the instructions, but I think this Life Saver from Traveling with JC is made from a foam wreath base.  Great idea!

Nautical Life Saver from Traveling with JC

These Lighthouses from My Insanity are a great recycling craft, and any of the components could be substituted with whatever you have available that fits.

Lighthouse from Me and my Insanity

If you have any doubt about the popularity of nautical décor right now, a quick search on Etsy turns up nearly 200,000 items.  That’s a lot of rope and anchors.