My name is Staci.  No one can ever spell it, but I like it and have always felt like it suits me. I met my husband, Joel, on a blind date over 25 years ago.  We dated for two years and we were still barely old enough to get married when we did.  We had a true DIY wedding, long before Pinterest.  Everything, including all the dresses, tuxedos, cake and flowers, was made by a family member.

Red was my favorite color, even back then.  Before too long, we had two little kidlets running around.  The girl came first, followed by the boy almost exactly two years later.  They're grown now, but both are still amazingly thoughtful, smart and funny.

When my youngest was about two, my husband got a job as a police officer, the line of work he's still in today, and I quit my job as a loan officer to become a stay-at-home mom.  That term has always cracked me up.  I'd like to meet a mom, any mom, who stays at home.

As far as my crafty history goes, it's as old as I am.  I made stuff with family when I was a kid, was in a 4-H sewing club and actually took a sewing class in high school.  Yep, back when they actually offered sewing class.

I made a few things for the kids and the house over the years, but it all took a back seat to raising a family.  I didn't really have much space to work on anything, so it was a chore to drag it out and have to put it away again. Eventually, the kids got old enough they didn't need so much of my time and we moved to a house where I could have a dedicated craft room.  I started sewing again, and discovered how much I enjoy creating my own patterns.  I also love to write, so starting a blog to share my crafting adventures just felt right.  It's been a good fit into my life so far, and sharing what I know about crafting and sewing with creative people of all experience levels has been rewarding.

I also have a shop, full of colorful, handmade accessories for creative people. Now that I've told you everything you could possibly want to know about me, let's go enjoy something handmade!

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