Friday Favorites No. 314

So I'm building a new website. What do I know about doing that? Just enough to get myself into trouble. But I'm powering through, because this is something I've been putting off for years and it's time. I've loved Wordpress, and their customer service during this process has been stellar in spite of the fact that I'm moving elsewhere. But I'd like to be able to have my own storefront, and maybe some control over the ads, which isn't possible with the version I've been using. Unfortunately, the other version is over my head, so I'm moving on. For those of you who follow me by email I'll move you over when the transition actually happens. If you follow this blog through Wordpress directly and you'd like to stick with me, you can sign up here to receive an email when I post. I have a couple of fun things coming up, like a new "Of the Month" project and my annual blog anniversary giveaway, and I don't want you to miss any of it.  I'll be glad when this is finished so I can get away from the computer and back to my sewing room!

This post contains affiliate links for Etsy.

Everywhere I turn this soup bowl cozy pattern from Happy Hour Stitches keeps popping up.  I can see why - the colors are pretty, and who enjoys getting their hands burned trying to hold onto a hot bowl?  These are easy to sew and would make a great gift.

These cute marshmallow softies were intended as a Christmas thing, but I could see them in a kid's room year round. Ann Le made these using glue, but you could sew them as well.  Don't you just want to squish their little faces?

I love a chicken Chipotle bowl, but I know they're not the healthiest thing I could eat. Once in a while is okay, but it's not a weekly craving I can indulge, so I'm always looking for good substitutes. This taco bowl from Lemon Tree Dwelling with quinoa instead of rice might be the one next week.

My daughter and I recently had a conversation about brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tarts.  You know, like you do.  That got me wondering if someone out there had a recipe.  Turns out Sally's Baking Addiction does, and they look better than the original.

I feel like a resurgence in paper dolls should follow the recent coloring craze. Doesn't that make sense? Especially since now you can buy them and print them yourself at home, saving on the cost of shipping and giving you the ability to replace pieces as they wear out. I really love these sets from SandyFordDesign on Etsy. You send her a photo, and she designs a doll that looks like your little one!  If you look at the outfits included, they seem like something pulled from a toddler's dream closet, which is amazing.  Want a grown-up paper doll of yourself?  No judging here, she's got you covered.

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