Tidy Tray

I was going to show you some great ideas for things to do with those old pillowcases, now that you know how to make beautiful new ones, but it will have to wait for another day.  This project HAD to be done. Thanks to Stacy at Stacy Sews (awesome name, right?) I discovered Sewing Republic  yesterday.  There are several cute, easy projects, along with links to the blogs of the designers.  I want to make a bunch of them, but the new one today couldn't wait. It's my kind of project: simple, quick, few materials and oh-so-cute!

It reminds me of the fabric boxes and trays that were a sewing fad a few years ago, but much more stitcher-friendly.  You can find the instructions and info on the designer at  Tidy Tray.

The entire thing, including choosing and cutting fabric, took me about half an hour.  No kidding.  It also gave me an opportunity to use some odd-sized pieces of fabric.  Not to mention the leftover batting I have from the few quilts I've made.  No modesty there, I've really only made a few - they take me a while.

Speaking of odd fabric, here's what I used.  The cherries on the black piece make me happy.  The hats, not so much.  I cut my pieces 8" square, because that's the biggest I could squeeze out of the green.

I won't show all the steps here.  They're very clearly outlined in the tutorial in the link above.  However, I will tell you one place I cheated.  Instead of marking the lines 1 1/2" from each edge (it will make sense when you read the instructions), I stuck a piece of masking tape 1 1/2" from the needle on my sewing machine and used it as a guide.

I heart this tray! 

I think these would make great little hostess gifts, filled with something fun or tasty.  If you're making one and coming my way, Lindt truffles are my favorite...