Codi's Daisy Dress

This is how my most recent shopping trip with my daughter went... I drove to the fabric store. I took a photo, using my cell phone, of the various options for the type of fabric we were looking for. I sent her the photo in a text message. She discussed it with her friend and sent me a text back indicating their choice. When did it come to this? Sadly, it's not even the first time she and I have "shopped" this way. Busy mom + busy teenager = textopping. Shopting?  

Anyway, thanks to my mental telepathy via cell superpower, she chose the one I wanted her to. This particular fabric sells by the inch, so I wrapped it around myself to estimate how much I needed. I should have accounted for the coat and the fact that I was trying to do it with lightning speed, because it turned out I bought several inches too much. Not enough to make anything else, of course, but about a yard of sale fabric's worth.

Remember those dresses we wore when we were little girls where the top was all gathered and the straps tied at our shoulders? Now they sell fabric that's already gathered, the side just has to be sewn up and the bottom hemmed. And straps have to be added if you want them. Super easy. I've actually seen this off and on for several years, but this is my first crack at it.

We wrapped it around the girl inside out, pinned it to fit and marked the length she wanted. I sewed up the sides, zigzagged the seam and cut off and hemmed the bottom. She wanted to be able to wear it to school, so instead of ties, I made a little wider straps by sewing a tube out of the part I cut off, turning it right-side out, zigzagging the edge and sewing them in place on the dress. Probably one of the easiest articles of clothing I've ever made.


She loves it, and now we're hoping the weather turns warmer so she can wear it without freezing. In the electronic spirit in which this project started, she thanked me on Facebook. Sitting in the chair next to me. Sigh.