PJ's From a Scrubs Pattern

About a month or so ago, I got my son to go to the fabric store with me.  On top of that, I convinced him to pick out fabric for a couple of things I would make for him.  We both left alive and still on speaking terms.  It was almost a miracle. One of the things Tucker spotted was some flannel that incorporated two of his favorite things:  camouflage  and John Deere tractors.  I suggested pajama shorts, then realized he had grown so much that none of the patterns I had used before would fit him.  I almost lost him in the pattern section, probably because he was getting hungry, but we finally agreed on one.  He wanted lots of pockets, for what I don't know, and most pajama patterns for adults skimp on the pockets.  We ended up going with a Simplicity pattern for hospital scrubs instead.

As you can see, there are no shorts on this pattern.  He wanted them to hit his leg below the knee, so I held the front pattern piece up to him, marked where we wanted the bottom of the leg, added 1 1/4" for the hem, and cut off the rest.  I measured the cut-off portion and used it as a template to cut off the required amount on the back piece.

I made a few changes to how these were put together, the biggest being instead of using ribbon or twill tape to create a casing, I just folded the top edge under 1 1/2" and under again 1/4".  It lowered the waist, which my kids always seem to want.  I completely skipped the drawstring and just used elastic.  I didn't place the side pockets using the pattern markings, I just put them on where I thought they looked good, which turned out to be 4" from the raw edge.

The moral of the story is, don't forget to consider unusual options when looking for a pattern.  The other one is, if you're going to take a teenage boy to the fabric store, bring snacks.