Hubby's Vacation Shirt

I'm on the wagon.  I've stopped folding pattern pieces exactly the way they came out of the envelope.  If you've ever sewn anything using a store-bought pattern,  you're either horrified that I've stopped or questioning why I was doing it in the first place.  I rarely get a chance to sew for my husband, but we have a vacation coming up and I thought he could use a Hawaiian shirt.  I used McCall's M4518, which is one I haven't tried before.  It's supposed to be a two-hour pattern, but it has THREE pages of fitting instructions.  It would take me two hours just to get through those.  In my opinion, a two hour pattern shouldn't require extra fitting instructions.  It's a button-up shirt, for crying out loud, not a cocktail dress.  Whew, maybe I need a cocktail.

Anyway, the shirt took me quite a bit longer than McCall's thinks it should, but turned out great.  I had to take an extra inch off each side when I sewed the side seams, but it ended up fitting well otherwise.  My biggest issue was finding five 1/2" buttons.  This is my well-stocked button box:

I could only find one set of matching buttons that would work on the shirt and they happen to have my husband's initials printed on them.  I don't know which is weirder, the initials, or the fact that in that entire box I only had 5 matching buttons in that size.

I especially like the yoke on the back.

And, even more especially, the guy wearing it.