Friday Favorites - Yarn

I have three reasons for dedicating today’s Friday Favorites to yarn. 

1.  Did you see that skeleton last week???

2.  My dog ate my knitting.  That’s not an excuse to get out of it, he seriously unraveled it all over my house, chewed on the yarn and destroyed my Knifty Knitter.  I’ve mentioned once or twice that yarn is not my friend, so this is a major setback. 

3.  It’s usually cold around here by now, and I love a warm, knitted anything I can wrap around or pull onto some part of my body.


I am not usually a big fan of cake.  However, I ate some cupcakes in San Francisco this summer that suddenly seemed like a bargain at almost $5 each.  You can count on a future Friday Favorites featuring nothing but cupcakes.  This cute bunch was crocheted by Fowl Single File.  No calories here!


These little crocheted egg characters by Amieggs are so sweet they make my teeth hurt.  In a good way.


I love fingerless gloves for both their functionality and pure awesomeness.  These Knucks from Knitty, with their embroidered design and lettering,  take it to another level. 


This Etsy shop, Moonlight Dreams, caught my attention a while ago, and I’ve been thinking about buying something from it ever since.  This morning I made the leap and bought this hat.  I can’t wait to see it in person.


Kid outfits with ears are just cute.  The paw print on the inside of these gloves makes the whole thing.  This pattern is available for download at Vogue Knitting.


Have you heard of yarn bombing?  It’s sort of like graffiti, only with yarn.  I’ll bet people complain about it a lot less.  The Yarnbombing website has lots of examples, but this is one of my favorites.

It’s a little more difficult to find things made out of yarn for boys.  This dragon from Virka Mera fits the bill, although I wouldn’t mind having him sitting around myself.


Everything about Twinkie Chan is adorable.  She’s her own model, for good reason, and her website is unique and fun.  I’m pretty sure this is one coffee cup sleeve I would never accidentally throw away.


This is so clever.  I agree with Carolyn’s Homework…pom poms don’t get the respect they deserve.

These seem to be called several different things…pedicure socks, toeless socks, flip flop socks.  Six Degrees Arts calls them yoga-pilates socks.  I always see girls wearing flip flops in the winter around here.  Around here being Oregon, where it’s cold in the winter.  It’s probably good I’m not a knitter.  I’d be running around handing these out like they were Halloween candy.