Friday Favorites–Snowflakes

My favorites today were inspired by the weather forecast.  There’s a chance it could snow here this weekend, and I have all my fingers crossed that it does.  In the meantime…

I live in a forest.  Seriously, my backyard is nothing but trees.  I could make enough of these Fir Snowflakes from Sunset magazine to fill my entire house.  Oh, that would smell fantastic!


I’m pretty sure these Crayon Snowflakes from Roots and Wings Co. were meant for kids, but I have lots and lots of crayons and I’m making these.  I might invite some little ones over to help me to make it more legit.


Given my tendency to try to make things out of fabric that are supposed to be paper, I don’t know why I’ve never tried this one.  These Fabric Snowflakes from The New New Blog would be great for so many uses.  You could even add some heavy interfacing to keep them stiff and hang them as ornaments.


This 3D Paper Snowflake from wikiHow looks a lot more complicated than it really is.  I’ve seen these before, but if I would have realized how easy they are to make I would already HAVE some!


This Quilled Snowflake Ornament is also made out of paper, but is definitely more complicated.  Quilling is beautiful and some day I hope to have the patience to give it a try.  Click through to Reese Dixon’s page and check out the glittery version near the bottom of the page.  They always get me with the glitter.


I’ll bet these Stained Glue Snowflakes from Holiday Crafts and Creations are even prettier in person with the lights shining through.  I want to make these, just to see if I can.


I love oversized Christmas decorations.  Those giant ornaments and stockings catch my eye every time.  I can’t believe these Giant Craft Stick Snowflakes from Craftynest are made from popsicle sticks!

I’ve cycled through several different Christmas countdown calendars.  The year we were trying to get our son to learn the alphabet I gave the kids a little gift that started with a different letter each day.  In order.  Yeah, a couple of those were pretty difficult.  This Snowflake Christmas Countdown from eighteen25 is simple, cute and a great decoration.  Everything a Christmas countdown should be.


Snowflakes you can eat.  The blue sprinkles are the perfect touch and I love how they call it “edible glitter.”  These Sweet Tortilla Snowflakes can be found at FamilyFun.


These Crocheted Snowflake Ornaments from Better Homes and Gardens look so delicate.  For you crochetistas out there, the pattern and directions on how to stiffen the snowflakes can be found on their website.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to run and stick my nose to the window.  It might snow!