Paper and Wire Hearts

I’m supposed to be cleaning up my sewing room.  Everything needs to be taken off the old shelves and put onto the new.  Instead, I’m making stuff.  It’s sort of like when your kid finds a toy at the bottom of the box he hasn’t seen for a while.  That’s all he wants to play with for a couple of days.  I’m there.

I found a stack of cardstock strips from who-knows-what.  They’re 7/8” by 6”, and I have 32 of them.  Actually, had.  Now they’re 16 hearts.

To make a heart, put two cut pieces of cardstock or other sturdy paper together, edges even.  Staple near the end. 

Separate the two pieces and pull down to match the other ends together. 

Staple.  Heart.  Easy.

I also found this roll of red wire I bought on clearance a while back. 

Cut 17 pieces (or one more than the number of hearts you have), each 5” long.  Poke a small hole on the side of each heart.

Using a pair of needle-nosed pliers, curl one end of the wire into a little swirl.

Feed the straight end through the hole in the heart from the inside, then through the hole on another heart from the outside.  Bend the straight end into a swirl in the opposite direction from the first.

Repeat with the remaining hearts and wire.

Add a wire twist at each end for hanging.

You could also make shorter versions with just a few hearts and hang them everywhere.

I’m done playing now.  I have to go finish my sewing room so I can show it to you tomorrow!

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