My Sewing Room–Before and After

The area you use for arts and crafts should be inspiring in some way.  It doesn’t matter if you have a dedicated space or you’re working from your kitchen table, if you feel good about where you are, you’re more likely to accomplish something.  On the other hand, if your craft storage shelves are so scary you’re afraid to turn your back on them, you have a problem.  I speak from experience when I say it’s nearly impossible to make anything while peeking over one shoulder.

As I’ve mentioned before, I basically have two crafting areas.  We have a room that used to belong to my son, until he realized no one lived in the basement and it was fair game.  His old room is now where I store my craft supplies and do most of my prep and non-sewing work.  It’s also home to two rather large pieces of exercise equipment that actually get used.  Because exercising and being creative both require an inviting space, my hubby and I decided it was time to organize.  After a trip to Ikea, getting rid of a few things and some assembly and muscle work by not-me, the room went from this…

Sewing Room 1

…to this!

Sewing Room 2

I just want to twirl around in circles in it.


Sewing Room 3


Sewing Room 4

The other side of the room isn’t quite as dramatic because we recently added some shelving, but still better than before:

Sewing Room 5

After we were done:

Sewing Room 6

My sweet husband even added a countertop to my sewing area in the office.  This is the before out there, with no where for anything to go as I fed it through the sewing machine:

Sewing Room 7

And after:

Sewing Room 8

My label maker is smoking and I couldn’t be happier about my newly organized and inspiring work space.  Thanks for letting me share it with you.  Time to go make something!