Friday Favorites–Flowers

This won’t be the last time I have a floral theme in my Friday Favorites.  There is nothing better to cut through the gloom of the end of winter than some bright blossoms.  As I look at the snow outside my house and the two kids inside it who have been home more than they’ve been at school lately, thanks to sickness and weather, I’m ready for some springiness. I imagine this Felt Dahlia Flower Brooch from Holidash would take a while to make, but it looks worth it to me.  I love all those petals.


I thought the technique to make this Chrysants Silk Brooch from Innocentia was interesting.  It makes a pretty, fluffy flower.


This book is on my wish list.  It’s called Kanzashi in Bloom: 20 Simple Fold-and-Sew Projects to Wear and Give and they, of course, have it on Amazon.   I want it even more since I just found out the author, Diane Gilleland, is from my area.  If you’re not familiar with Kanzashi, it’s the Japanese art of folding fabric squares into flowers.  I can’t wait to try it.  In fact, stay tuned, some of them will probably turn up here soon.


Kusudama is another Japanese folding art, but it involves making multiples of an origami shape and attaching them together to create a ball.  This Kusudama Tutorial from Folding Trees shows how to make a flower commonly used.  The directions to make the ball itself can be found here.


These Felt Rosettes from Mrs Priss start out as a swirl and end as a rose.  Two of my favorite things.


I know these Felt Flowers from Blue Cricket Design look similar to the ones above, and they are made the same way, but I liked the mixture of the two different shades of felt.


Love, love, love.  I love that they’re roses.  I love the polka dots.  I even love the little drawn leaf in the photo.  Thanks to Calamity Kim for sharing how to make her Fold and Twist Fabric Flowers.  I need some.

Twisted rose

This is another Oregon crafter whose blog I’ve been following for a little while.  Her name is Amanda and she just opened an Etsy store called Ninth Street Notions.  I love these Chrysanthemum and Rose rings she has.  The filigree bands are really pretty.  When I talked to Amanda about featuring her store here, she offered all of you a 25% discount on anything in her store!  Use the code BF643 when you check out.  Thanks Amanda!  One of these babies turns up in red and I’m all over it.