Friday Favorites–Pincushions

I’ve worked on a couple of projects this week that required a LOT of pins, something I generally try to avoid.  I have one sad and one semi-sad pincushion I alternate between and I’m in the process of coming up with a replacement, which leads me to today’s Friday Favorites.  There are way too many cute pincushions out there.

It must be because I live in a forest, but you can make anything look like a tree stump and I’m hooked.  Patchwork Posse shows how to make this Rolled Wool Pin Cushion version.

This Teacup Pincushion from The Spotted Fox on Punk Projects would be a great idea to file away for the kids to make for a Mother’s Day gift.  Super easy.


It’s a Porcupine Pin Cushion.  Seriously, he just makes me smile.  Thanks to Prudent Baby for sharing him.


There are lots of these Pincushion Thread Catchers floating around, but I really like the fabric Merriment Designs used on this one. 


I think all the pincushion rings and bracelets out there are cute, but I’m afraid I’d stab myself.  I might have to make an exception for this Pincushion Watch from LucyKate Crafts.


Or I could just avoid the stabbing all together with this Magnetic Wrist Pincushion from DiyStyle.


I intentionally avoided all of the cupcake pincushions out there, simply because it’s impossible to choose just one.  I went for full-on cake instead.  The DIY Dish shows how to make these Double Layer Cake Pincushions in their video.


Some things, like puppies and babies, just make you say “Aww!”  I’m going to add these Mushroom Pincushions from Fantastic Toys to that list.


I’m not sure I could actually poke pins into this Tiny World – Foresty Pincushion from Mimi Kirchner.


I try not to have favorites within my favorites, but today, this little guy is it.  Valentine the Voodoo Pincushion from Indie Spotting is on my gotta-have list.


I’m sure pincushions will come up in my Friday Favorites, but we’ll put a pin in it for now.