March Inspiration

If it’s possible to have a calmer time of the year with teenagers in the house, ours is usually around March.  The holidays are behind us, track season is just beginning and the weather is so iffy we don’t make a lot of other outdoor plans.  I usually get quite a bit done in March.  I thought I’d share of few of the things I’m drawing inspiration from right now.

I would love for this to be a better picture, but it’s a photo of a photo from Every Day with Rachel Ray magazine.  According to the magazine, you can find this dress at Target, but I haven’t had any luck, in the store or online.  My daughter and I both love it, so we will probably try something inspired by it.

Inspiration 1

I don’t know when I will stop being fascinated with rainbows.  I hope it never happens.  This one appeared behind my house a day or two ago.

Inspiration 2

I love Fiesta dishes.  I started buying them a few years ago and this cupboard is just one place I keep them.  My daughter likes doing the dishes (I know, right?) and can’t stand it unless the dishes are in color order.  That, and they just make any food look better.

Inspiration 3

It’s time for me to make the girl a new quilt to match her room (and probably so she can take it away with her to college in another year and a half.  Sniff.)  These are a few of the potential candidates to be included.

Inspiration 4

Last, but not least, I love seeing brand-new flowers popping up around the house.  These poor things were covered in snow last week.

Inspiration 5

Inspiration 6

Inspiration 7

What are you inspired by right now?