Silk Rose Top

Feeling confident after my jacket success last week, I decided to tackle another clothing project.  This is one I brought home around the same time, but my fabric choice made me question my sanity as soon as I took it out of the bag.

I bought this top pattern, New Look 6782, and really wanted to make it.  After making my patient husband spend an afternoon with me searching the ample knit section in a fabric store that’s just far enough away I don’t go to it often, I had to finish what I started.

Rose Top 1

I don’t think I’ve ever sewn anything with silk in the list of ingredients.  WAY too intimidating. But it was the only print I liked in the entire store, so I decided to expand my horizons.  I love the way it feels, but I won’t say it was easy to cut out or sew.  It was like trying to hold onto sand.  There were many pins used and I actually did some basting.

As far as the pattern, I actually agree with the “easy” label on this one.  Had they thrown in the “very,” probably not, but overall this wasn’t too difficult.  The hardest part was setting in the sleeves but even that was mainly because of my slippery fabric.

I did have one catastrophe.  When I was trying to hem the sleeves, my sewing machine ate one, to the point I had to start taking pieces of the machine off to get it out.  Needless to say, it left a hole.  Luckily, I was making the version with the three-quarter length sleeves, so when I cut almost an inch off each side to get rid of the mess no one would ever know.  If I would keep my mouth shut.

In the end, another win.  I really like this and will wear it. 

Rose Top 2

The print and style are different from anything I usually wear, which is always good when spring hits.

Rose Top 3

I have one more piece of knit and another pattern I bought during my I’m-gonna-make-clothes spree from a few months ago, but I’m afraid to touch it.  I might be pushing my luck.