National Craft Month 2011

I live in Oregon, land of the free, home of the creative.  I’m a native webfoot, but I’m starting to think they must issue a glue gun and a blog address to everyone who moves here.  It seems like one or two of every dozen new great blogs I find are my neighbors.  It’s inspiring to know you’re in that kind of company.

Speaking of inspiration, how many of you out there read craft-related blogs, like this one, to get ideas for things you can make yourself and you complete every one of them?  My hat’s off to you.  How many get the ideas and once in a while finish one?  Welcome to the club.  Now, the big question.  How many of you read the blogs, get the ideas, but never quite pin one down and make it?  Don’t feel bad, I’m not calling you out.  I’m issuing a challenge. 


This is National Craft Month.  The 17-year-old brainchild of the Craft and Hobby Association, its purpose is to promote crafting and its many benefits.  To celebrate, my challenge to you is this:  find one project, even make it a super-easy one if you’d like, to finish this month.  When you’re done, tell someone.  Post it on Facebook, tweet it, give it away, blog about it, put it up on Flickr, show-and-tell it to your book club, whatever makes you happy.  But show someone what you made.  The feeling of accomplishment is tremendous and addictive.  And, for the rest of the year, you can say “I made something.”

If I’m going to put a challenge for you out there, I better stand behind it, right?  If you send me a photo and info about what you’ve made before the end of the month, you’ll see it here in a post on my blog.  If you’d like a link back to your blog, Etsy store, Flickr photostream, Twitter, whatever, send me that, too.  My e-mail address is craftystaci (at) gmail (dot) com (curse you, spammers for making me write it that way!).  The only rules are that it has to be something crafty you’ve made yourself this month, and I have to hear about it by midnight on March 31st.  If you used some else’s tutorial or pattern, it would be nice to include that info as well.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!