Friday Favorites - Fruit

My not-so-little kidlets are home on spring break this week.  They’re old enough to come and go without me, make their own lunch and brush their teeth without being threatened, uh, I mean told, and yet it still seems to affect my ability to get things done when they’re around.  I’m not complaining.  I can see the day on the horizon when they’ve gone away to college and I’m wishing someone would interrupt my typing mid-sentence to ask where we keep the fire extinguisher.

I’ve asked them both during the last couple of weeks if they have any suggestions for a theme for my Friday Favorites.  I won’t give away the boy’s idea, since it was a good one and I’ll be using it soon, but the girl immediately piped up with “Fruit!”  So, with thanks to my daughter for the idea, here’s a fruit salad’s worth of favorites.

This Whimsical Fruit Centerpiece from a Creative Jewish Mom says spring, and boy, do I need something to feel like spring right now.


I love strawberries.  I ate so many when I was pregnant with my daughter I was afraid she’d come out all red and covered in seeds.  How can you go wrong with strawberries and chocolate?  These Brownie Cookie Shortcakes from Pillsbury are definitely going in the recipe box.


This felt fruit looks good enough to eat.  The pattern is available from the talented fairyfox on Etsy.


I love Crafts by Amanda’s take on French Fruit Wall Art.  I think her version is cuter than the original she was inspired by.


My kids had sewing cards when they were little, but I never thought to make some myself.  These Fun Fruit Laces from C & T Publishing would be at the top of the list.

Link, 10676, fall09

This isn’t something I’ve ever pictured myself saying, but I want a blueberry pillow.  All of these Recycled Sweater Produce Pillows from Fun in the Making are cute, but that blueberry…got to have.


The combination of fabrics on this Pear Pin Cushion from Sewing in No Mans Land is adorable.  So many possibilities.


I know technically these Orange Rind Votives  from Beekman were intended for the holiday season, but I can picture them at a summer backyard barbeque.


Who would have thought I’d find a star fruit craft?  Thanks to Matching Pegs for this Star Fruit Cushion Tutorial!


And, we’re back to strawberries.  Told you I love them.  I’ve seen these little bags in stores for a couple of years now, but as every good crafter knows, it’s better if you can make them yourself.  Thanks to Ikat Bag for the Strawberry Bag instructions.