Friday Favorites–April Fools Day

I seriously considered leaving it at the title, my April Fools joke to you.  Sadly for my little joke, I’ve come across too many great sites lately full of great pranks I needed to share with you.  If you’re still looking for something to do today to celebrate, or if you’re just the kind of person who likes to keep other people on their toes, this one’s for you. I used to subscribe to the print edition of Disney’s Family Fun magazine when my kids were small.  They always had great April Fools food ideas.  For a huge list of fun foods, including Fakin’ and Eggs, visit their website.


Another section at Family Fun is full of non-food pranks, including the Popsicle Paperweight.


TLC has some ideas on their website, including a Silly Party Invitation.


The Food Network shares some recipes, including the one for this April Fools Sushi.  Is it wrong that all of these sound kind of yummy?

I love this Candy in a Fruit Can idea from Come Together Kids.  I think I might even pull this one on my teenagers, but probably with something meaner than fruit.


Martha Stewart shares a few pranks on her website, including these Baked Potato Ice Cream Sundaes.


If you’ve got some excess aluminum foil lying around, try this office prank from TipJunkie.


Do you know how April Fools Day started?  AllRecipes has some ideas for a fun dinner that looks like a dessert trying to look like a dinner that is actually a dinner.  Whew!  There’s also a sidebar explaining the origination of the celebration.


Here’s hoping the day doesn’t find you on the receiving end of too many tricks!