Friday Favorites–Cookies

I decided since next week contains both Mother’s Day and my birthday that I would feature my favorite dessert, and possibly food, on the planet – COOKIES!  If it were possible to survive on cookie dough with the occasional baked cookie thrown in for texture variation, I’d do it.

These Sugar Cookie Truffles from Cookies and Cups aren’t strictly a cookie, but they start out as one, so I’m including them here.  These would survive about two seconds in my house.


I want to throw a full-on, girly tea party just so I can serve these Teabag Shortbread Cookies from Accent the Party.


I’ve rarely met a cookie I didn’t like, but my most favorite is chocolate chip.  They just aren’t usually very cute.  Sweetopia has changed all that with these Chocolate Chip Decorated Cookies.


Just in time for Mother’s Day, Mega Crafty shares these tattoo-themed Mom Cookies.


I’m not a big fan of actual mojitos, but the mint/citrus combo sounds tasty in these Mojito Butterfly Cookies from The Cooking Photographer.


I think these Popcorn Cookies from The Decorated Cookie are just adorable.  They look so comic bookish.


I’m a little late for both April Fool’s Day and Cinco de Mayo, but I couldn’t leave out these Chips and Salsa Cookies from The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle.


These Tie Dye Cookies from What I Live For look like they would be fun to make with a pint-sized helper.


Not quite as much as cookies, but I also love strawberries.  I ate so many when I was pregnant with my daughter I was afraid she’d come out all red and covered in seeds.  I’d happily replace the real ones with this version from Bake at 350.


As I mentioned, my birthday is next week, so I’m going to wrap this up with Birthday Cake Cookies from 1 Fine Cookie.  I’ve had cookies instead of cake for the past several years – maybe this will be the one this year!