Friday Favorites–Harry Potter

Today is the end of an era for me.  Ten years ago, when the first Harry Potter movie came out, I started reading the books aloud to my two kids.  They were 7 and 5 at the time.  We all wanted to read it before we saw the movie, so we sat together for hours on the couch, pronouncing Hermione wrong the entire time, until we reached the end.  After that we watched the DVD, which had been sitting next to the t.v. waiting for us to finish.  Naturally, we were hooked and immediately started on book two.

We went through several books until, somewhere around The Order of the Phoenix, we caught up to J.K. Rowling.  We had to wait for the books to come out like everyone else.  By the time the last one was published, the kids were 14 and 12 and I was certain they’d want to read it themselves instead of sitting there listening to me.  I was picturing arguments over who would get it first, and almost had myself talked into buying two copies.    Imagine my surprise when I asked them if they wanted me to read it to them and they both looked at me like I was crazy…because of course they wanted me to read it.  We started this together, we would finish it together. 

codi and tucker 2003

Circa 2003.  Yes, I made their costumes.  I think bits of them are still floating around here somewhere.

We haven’t been as faithful about watching the movies together.  We’ve seen them all just not necessarily as a group.  My daughter attended the midnight premier last night.  This was never about the movies, though, it was about that precious time I got to spend with my babies sitting on each side of me, even after I had to look up at them.  Those 4100 pages will always be one of my favorite memories and for that I’m forever grateful to Harry Potter.

One of the interesting aspects of the Harry Potter world is the way they treat the various illnesses and maladies that befall the characters.  How many times have I wished I could wave a wand and fix an injury?  This Fever Fudge from Instructables user starshipminivan gives us a little taste of what magical medicine is like.


Simple Simon & Co shares a couple of Harry Potter party ideas here, but my favorite is this t-shirt.

shirt pic

I think my son’s main reason for wanting to be Harry for Halloween years ago was so that he could carry a wand.  Learn how to make your own, using paper and hot glue, from Instructables user KaptinScarlet.


Design Dazzle has a round-up of several great Harry Potter ideas, but I really love this car photo prop from Flickr user ACPL.

Who hasn’t read or watched Harry Potter and wished they could play Quidditch?  I say crochet this Golden Snitch from Pane, Amore e Creatività and give it a try…you’ve already got a broom, right?


Whenever I decide to see the last movie, I might have to make these Harry Potter cupcakes from Sift in celebration.  I guess the big question is whether I’ll be eating them on my couch watching the DVD or sneaking them into the theater in my purse.

Harry potter cupcakes

When I made the costumes for my kids, I cheated on the scarves.  I sewed pieces of fleece together to make the Gryffindor stripes.  This yarn version from Tangled is much more authentic. 


I’ve heard of the big Harry Potter fan site known as The Leaky Cauldron, but I just found out they have a large section devoted to craftsMad-Eye Moody’s Eye, shown here, is just one of the many projects available.


I’m not usually much into dolls, but I can’t even tell you how much I love this felt Harry Potter doll from My Paper Crane


This is how I know I could survive at Hogwarts – it seems like almost everything they eat contains sugar.  I am absolutely, positively going to make this Homemade Butterbeer from Bakingdom.  There are lots of recipes for it floating around, but this blogger tasted it at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter park and imitated it at home.  Now I’m really leaning toward waiting for the DVD, so I can drink this while I watch the last movie.


I have a sudden urge to go read…