Friday Favorites–Dogs

When I originally started saving links for this week’s favorites, I called the folder “Pets.”  When I sat down to write, I looked through it and realized it was time to face facts – we are a dog family and every single thing I had gathered was dog-related. 

The canine member of our family is a nearly three-year-old Boxer named Max.  You may remember him from his humiliating appearance in my neck warmer fail post.  He’s almost over that now.

First Canon EOS 60D pics 120

I don’t generally cook for Max, but we have been known to make treats on his birthday.  Looks like he’ll be getting Homemade Dogs Treats from Come On, Ilene this year.


We could also make him PupCakes from Instructables user kristylynn84, and he would be in doggy heaven, like this little guy.


These Sweet Potato Chews from This Beautiful Mess look really easy to make, natural and inexpensive.


There’s no reason the pup’s bed can’t be an asset to your home décor, like this Cozy Quilted Pet Bed from Better Homes and Gardens.


Make your own designer collar and leash with Sew4Home.  I actually had a pet goat when I was a kid – why didn’t I ever think to make her a cute collar?


From Glitter to Gumdrops can show you how to make Pupckers – Suckers for the Dog.  These might be good frozen to help combat the summer heat.


I made a fleece toy, just like this one from Craftstylish, for Max when he was a puppy.  It was his favorite until he was toothy enough to destroy it.


An old crate and a couple of dog bowls are the basic requirements to make this Vintage Elevated Dog Feeder from Design Sponge.


I have an ongoing promise to my son that I will not dress his dog in so much as a bandana.  However, if I were going to sneak something into his wardrobe, it would have to be these Cool Collarettes from The Bark.


This Collapsible Travel Dish from Craftstylish is brilliant.  I think Max might need a couple of these for camping.