Friday Favorites–Outdoors

Oregon is a late bloomer, at least in our corner.  We might have a few nice days through June and July, but the sun isn’t really reliable until August.  I think that’s the reason why people tend to be pretty outdoorsy here – they can’t count on the weather anyway, so they might as well go for it year-round.   Today I’d like to share a few things I’ve spotted recently that are perfect for that time we’re all spending outside.

We live near a river, so we have a pretty annoying bug problem.  These Alfresco Bowl Covers from Sew, Mama, Sew would be a great way to avoid that extra crunch in our outdoor meals.


I love outdoor games, and this Giant Jenga Tower from Instructables user Mtoashirbab looks really fun.  I should have tried this one back when my kids were shorter than me.  I have no chance now.


Here’s one I still have a shot at though:  Backyard Scrabble from Sunset.


I have a wood bench on my front porch that I’ve often thought would be more comfortable with pillows.  It’s in a covered area, so I wasn’t worried so much about weather as I was the fabric fading and looking terrible.  These Duct Tape Patio Pillows from Instructables user Annahowardshaw are exactly what I need.


This bin of Colored Rice from Barley and Birch just looks fun to play in.


It’s an ambitious project, but this Sun Shade from Secret Pie Shoppe could come in very handy in an area that needs a little break from the heat.


My absolute favorite thing about this Swimsuit Rack from Ruffled Sunshine is the fact that she used faucet handles for the hooks.  So cute!

gone swimming 2

Our house backs up to a cliff, so we don’t have a backyard.  If I did, I would replace my table/fire pit with this Stone Fire Pit from DIY Network.

These One-Step Outdoor Lights from Babyfood Scoops are pretty, and the materials to make them are all easy to find and affordable.


My son has really been into biking lately, which may subside a little when he gets his driver’s license in the fall, but he’s getting one of these Bicycle Frame Lunch Bags from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories for Christmas anyway.


Now, I’m leaving the computer and going outside!