We all know, there are plenty of ways to kill time online.  Social networking, media, research, education, work, play…if it exists in the real world, you’ll find some form of it on the internet.  One of my recently discovered toys is the digital equivalent of driving around looking at other people’s inspiration boards and gathering stuff to add to your own.  Because we all have those, right?


I’m still getting to know Pinterest myself, but so far I enjoy playing with it once in a while.  There are ins and outs I'm not familiar with yet, but the short version is this:  it’s a collection of photos you like.  Each photo is called a pin.  You put your pins on a board.  Others can like or repin your pins.  You can follow others and they can follow you.  Sounds simple, right?


I have a few boards started and I add to them in a sporadic fashion.  If I visit the home page and continue to scroll down, when it runs out of stuff I’ve added it switches to “The Best of Pinterest,” which appears to go on forever.  That’s where the loss of time happens for me.


You may be wondering what the point of a website like this is.  I don’t know the creator’s intention, but, for me, it’s a place to collect inspiration.  Not all of my pins are craft-related but they are all things I like to look at.  I find that sometimes the best way to come up with new ideas for things to make is to look in a completely different direction.  Pinterest allows me to keep track of the path that lead me there.


You have to be invited to join Pinterest.  That said, all you have to do is ask for an invitation.  The only hitch is that, while you’ll definitely get one eventually,  sometimes it takes a while.  The good news is, I seem to have six invitations I can hand out.  I don’t know if I’m limited to six, but I can promise that the first six to ask for one in the comments below will get one.  Make sure your email address is linked to your comment so I know where to send it. 


If you’re already on Pinterest, or you become addicted, I mean join, as a result of this post, let me know and I’ll follow you.  You can find my boards and their pins here.  I’m definitely ready for some new inspiration!

All of the photos here are from my Pinterest boards, but I’ve linked to the original post they came from whenever possible.