Friday Favorites–Vacation

Can’t you just hear the end of summer creeping up on you?  Since a Back-to-School Friday Favorites is coming up soon (sorry kids) I thought we’d have one more shout-out to our break with a tribute to vacations.

We took our kids on a road trip three years ago that took us through 16 states.  It was the most amazing vacation we’ve ever had, and will be hard to ever top.  I’d love to mark our path on this Family Vacation Map from Lowe’s.


Another fun way to keep track of your travels would be this Scratch Off World Map from Momtastic.  I wouldn’t be able to rest until the whole thing was scratched.  Darn.


If I’m going on vacation, I usually look for sunshine, which means sunglasses.  These Felt Eyeglass Cases from Woman’s Day would be a cute way to protect them when they’re not on my face.

Don’t forget the littlest travelers want to go in comfort and style just like the rest of us.  These Carseat Strap Covers from Kojodesigns are exactly right.


Am I the only one who had no idea what a dopp kit is?  Apparently it’s the same as a toiletry bag.  All I know is, this one from The Purl Bee is cute, no matter what you call it.


Why have I never thought of this?  Instead of sticking my shoes in plastic bags to pack, I could go with these much classier Shoe Bags from Simpleliving.

a shoe bag

Call me an overprotective mom, you wouldn’t be the first, but these Safetytats are brilliant.  It’s a temporary tattoo with a QR code (those barcode-ish squares you see everywhere now) that, when scanned, displays your emergency information so that if your child is lost you can be contacted.  Excellent for travel.  Actually, I think I know a few adults that could use these.


I usually throw an extra bag in my luggage when we fly somewhere, in case I need the extra space to bring home whatever I might buy.  This Wallet-to-Tote from Sew, Mama, Sew would be easy to pack and cute to carry home.


This Lingerie Caddy from Sew4Home would be handy to pack and convenient to hang on the back of a hotel room bathroom door or in a closet.  I think I need to make one and plan a trip so I can try it out.


I love this USA Map from My Life and Kids.  This one is made from scrapbook paper, but it would also be fun in fabric.


Here’s hoping you have something fun planned before your summer is over!