Friday Favorites–Apples

My kids love apples, so I buy them year-round at the grocery store. They’re shipped from far away, exotic places, I’m sure.  When they’re in season around here in the fall though, I buy them with the least amount of travel distance as possible.  There’s just something about a local apple.  They look better, taste better and signal the start of autumn. 

This Apple Vase from Craft is a great project for combining the end-of-summer flowers with the first fall apples.


These Harvest Apples from Bright Ideas would be nearly impossible to eat, but it’s definitely worth a try.


These Autumn Apple Print Tees from Twig and Toadstool would be fun to make with the kids…maybe with a quick reminder not to take a bite out of their painted apple!


Another fun kid project, since you already have to clean up paint anyway, are these Apple Placemats from Bloesem Kids.


All that painting and fruit is going to make everybody hungry.  Try this Peanut Butter Apple Sushi from On a Whimm.

Mar09 1372

If I didn’t work from home, I would have to buy an Apple Cozy from Etsy seller UnravelMe.  I might need one anyway, just to get my apple from the kitchen to my office safely.


This Apple Applique from Wee Folk Art would be cute on lots of things.  There’s also a bonus Apple Crisp recipe in the post.


This Apple Journal from the Split Stitch would be a great make-ahead gift to keep on hand for the holidays.  Yes, I said it – the holidays are coming!

apple journal finished

This Apple Thank You stationary from Paperglitter is adorable.  I need to find someone who needs a good thanking.


Have a great Labor Day weekend!