Friday Favorites - Autumn

First of all, let me say thank you to everyone who voted in my poll about Friday Favorites on Monday.  I appreciate the input and comments!  I’m happy to say, not a single person who responded here or on Facebook voted to get rid of the feature, so you can expect to keep seeing it.  I’ve got lots of favorites saved up and I’m always finding new ones, so let’s get to it!

I love autumn.  It’s usually not too cold out yet, but there’s a hint of it in the air.  The leaves are changing color and there’s lots of apples and pumpkins.  Not to mention, my three favorite people have birthdays spanning a month in mid-September to mid-October.

One of my favorite things about cooler weather is scarves.  This Slasher Scarf from A Beautiful Mess is perfect when it’s still a little warm out.


Another not-quite-cold-weather treat is this Candy Corn Milkshake from Poca Casa.  Yes, I am a secret lover of candy corn.


Holiday decorations that can be changed to carry from one holiday to the next are brilliant.  The Great Pumpkin Makeover from Nest of Posies can be used for Halloween and Thanksgiving as shown, but could also be made to transition from fall decorating to Halloween.


This Corny Idea candle display from Better Homes and Gardens would also be pretty with multi-colored corn kernels.


Take one look at this Asian Ottoman Floor Cushion from Sew4Home and tell me you don’t see a pumpkin?  Add a stem on the top?


We joke here in Oregon that once it starts raining, usually about mid-October, we won’t be dry again until July.  Hmm…I guess that’s not a joke.  Anyway, rain boots are a staple and we all need a pair of these Fleece Boot Socks from Studio Cherie on Sew, Mama, Sew.


I’ve been seeing caps and shawls all over the place lately and would like to try making one.  This Cowl Capelet from Fleece Fun looks super simple and the pattern is available for download in three different sizes.


Once the weather finally supports the drinking of hotness, these Special Hot Chocolate Drinks from Readers Digest would be a tasty way to warm up.


I love how Chica and Jo coordinated the frosting colors to their Fall-Themed Cupcake Collars.


This Fall Leaf Re-Use Project from Gingerbread Snowflakes is a lovely way to bring some of those leaves inside.


Happy Autumn!