Breaking News

I have something exciting to share with you.  I received a message through my Etsy shop last week (a convo, for those of you familiar with Etsy) from a lovely woman named Lesli.  She’s a promotions producer for a television station called KSL in Salt Lake City, Utah.  They produce a lifestyle show called Studio 5, which is geared toward moms.  She’s working on a segment for the show that will feature mom-friendly camera accessories.

And guess what?  She wants to include my lens cap pockets!

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Lesli had a specific fabric in mind for the outside of one pocket, but the rest she left up to me.  I have to tell you, I’ve never had such a hard time choosing fabrics!  The good news is, I have several pockets cut out to add to my shop, besides the ones I’m sending for the show.


I asked Lesli to keep one pocket for herself with my thanks, and the other two will be given away by Studio 5 through their Facebook page.


The show will air on Friday, October 7th.  They stream online, but I’ll be at a seminar that day, so I’m hoping they’ll post it on their website. 

It’s not every day one of my creations ends up on television, so you’ll have to excuse my tween-at-a-Justin-Bieber-concert vibe today.  My apologies to any tweens that may be offended by that statement.

If you live in Salt Lake City or happen to see it online, I’d love to hear from you!