Friday Favorites–Superheroes

My favorite superhero just got promoted at work and we’re having a party tomorrow to celebrate, so it seemed fitting that the theme for my favorites this week should be superheroes. 

We’re a family full of fans.  My daughter drives a little black car with a giant Batman symbol on the hood.  I have Wonder Woman stuff floating around everywhere.  My husband had an Ironman themed birthday party a couple of years ago.  We’re dedicated.

As soon as I find out where to get cookie cutters shaped like a bikini top and a onesie, I’ve got to try these Wonder Woman cookies from Bake at 350.


Batman is a pretty ingenious guy, so I’m betting he built his Bat-signal from a Papasan chair, just like Instructables user Orvis.


Speaking of Batman, check out this amazing Batman Birthday from Fryman Four.  Lots of great ideas, but my favorite is the simple way she made these tables remind you of Batman and Robin.

June 10 2011 014

I have mixed feelings about this Comic Book Banner from One Charming Party.  I love old comic books, and would hate to see them torn apart, but this banner is so fun I just have to believe the books were beyond saving.


This Superhero Snack Box from Alphamom would be a great gift for the guy who’s always saving the day.


My son would never have taken off this Rocket Man Jet Pack from Sewing in No Mans Land.  He probably would have tried to sleep in it.


I love how this Superhero Cap and Power Cuff from the Southern Institute is all made from a big t-shirt.


Maybe you have a superhero fan who feels they’re a little too old for the cape?  These Superhero Shoes from Minimoz are a little more subtle.


My daughter would LOVE this Kapow Headband from Etsy seller janinebasil.


If you’re a diehard fan and aren’t afraid to show the world, or at least your neighborhood, you need some Superhero Garden Gnomes from Instructables user The Papier Boy.


To the Bat Cave!