Friday Favorites–For the Car

My baby boy is taking his driving test today for his license.  Yesterday, he was driving his plastic wagon, now he’s asking me for my keys.  Time really does fly.  The boy, on the other hand, better not.

In honor of my son’s achievement (hopefully…as of this writing he hasn’t taken the test yet) I decided to share some of my favorite car-related links.

This iPad Holder from My Patchwork would come in handy if you’re on a road trip with little ones.  Or big ones, for that matter.


Sometimes it’s handy to have some extra plastic bags in the car, and these Embellished Grocery Bag Containers from Tatertots and Jello are so much prettier than leaving them floating around in the back.


When my kids were little, they used to stuff all kinds of things in the crevices of my car.  One of their favorite spots was that little hole in the armrest on the door.  Car Seat Organizer from 8th Day = problem solved.


Maybe the kids aren’t the problem?  It’s ok – we’re all friends here.  The Car Craft Caddy from Craft will hold all those things you just can’t stop working on when you leave home.  Just make sure you’re the passenger and not the driver.


This Handmade Air Freshener from Design Sponge is so autumnish.  I think my car needs one.


If you’re trying to appeal to the younger crowd, you could go with this Lightening McQueen Car Air Freshener from Disney Family.


You get pulled over and you’re nervously scrambling for your registration and proof of insurance in the depths of your glove box.  And, that’s after you’ve had to dig through your cavernous purse for your license.  Solve one of those problems with this Glove Box Organizer from Coats and Clark.  Or, just drive slower.

If you’re irritated by the seatbelt rubbing your neck, this Seatbelt Sleeve from AfricanKelli will make it more comfortable and prettier at the same time.


I don’t usually carry CDs in my car, but I love this CD Holder from Georgia Leigh so much, I might have to start.  Look at all those fabrics!


Putting trash in this Garbage Bag from Sew Divertimento is like asking a girl in a prom dress to scrub the bathroom floor.  Great idea, but needs much uglier fabric.

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Cross your fingers that Tucker passes his driver’s test and that the added cost of insurance doesn’t cause us to have to sell the car out from underneath him!