Friday Favorites–Halloween Costumes

My daughter told me a few days ago that she doesn’t remember having store-bought Halloween costumes.  I can show her several photos that prove otherwise, but I love the fact that the ones that were handmade are stuck in her head.  If you’re looking for a costume for your candy-fueled trick-or-treat machine, here are a few cute options I’ve found lately.

I can’t decide if this Pick of the Litter costume from Family Fun is cute or creepy, but doesn’t that make it perfect?


This Butterfly Baby Costume from I Love to Create looks complicated at first glance, but is really pretty simple.  Oh, and adorable.


Speaking of adorable, this Toddler Cheerleader Dress from Nap Time Crafters might come in handy at a few football games.

I love this little Football Onesie from Lines Across My Face, but maybe don’t take it to any football games.  Just to be on the safe side.


This Parrot Costume from Mom Endeavors is just gorgeous.


I’ve made some complicated costumes in the past, but I definitely prefer easy.  Fiskars offers instructions for several different costumes that fall into that category.  Handy for when your child says “Mom, I’m invited to a Halloween party.  Tomorrow!”


This Pregnant Skeleton costume from Make It and Love It is a stroke of genius.  Love the hair bow!


Sometimes you don’t want an entire costume.  Maybe you just want to show a little Halloween solidarity as you walk your kids around the neighborhood.  The next time I have a good excuse, I’m going with this Creepy Formerly Decapitated Necklace from Instructables user PixyMcCrafty.


I remember buying my son a muscle-bound Superman costume when he was little.  It never occurred to me to make one!  Thanks to Sew a Straight Line on Ucreate for these Homemade Muscle Suits.


Oh, Angry Birds.  Need I say more?  Be an Angry Bird yourself with Therapeutic Crafting.  Just don’t go around crashing into the people dressed as pigs.

IMG_0099 copy

Only a few days left to get those costumes finished!