Hello, Seattle

Being in law enforcement, my husband has to attend a lot of training.  Sometimes, when he goes somewhere fun, we tag along.  I always feel a little guilty, playing all day while he’s in class, but it doesn’t keep me from doing it anyway.  Last week, the kids and I got to hang out in Seattle. I love Seattle.  Part of it is the coffee shop on every corner.  And the abundant seafood.  And the Space Needle view from our hotel.


All of the green reminds me of home.

2011-10-28_09-41-56_811 (2)

But what I really love is the quirkiness.  This is one of several outdoor light fixtures.

2011-10-28_13-09-41_47 (2)

We spent an entire day at Pike Place Market and I still don’t think we saw everything.


I even found a fabric store.  I know, right?  It’s called Undercover Quilts and has apparently been there for 21 years.  I bought a piece of this fabric from the gentleman that owns it.  I don’t know if I’ve ever had a man cut fabric for me before.


I’m a born Oregonian, so I’m pretty used to the rain, but here’s proof it doesn’t ALWAYS rain in Seattle.  With everything to do and see, I don’t think we’d care if it did.