Pharmacy Bottle Christmas Tree

Yes, you read that right.  Pharmacy bottles.  Before you get concerned about my medicinal habits, let me explain.

My brother-in-law, Jerome, found himself in need of a career change a couple of years ago.  He decided to go back to school to become a pharmacy technician.  No small task, but he stuck with it and graduated at the top of his class.  That part has nothing to do with these trees, but I’m just so proud of him!

His training involved some practice with the bottles used in a pharmacy.  They were empty, and would have been disposed of after the class was finished with them.  Like any good crafter, Jerome saw a better use for them and brought them home.  Lots of them.

jeromes trees 1

He dog-sat for us when we went to Seattle for a couple of days, and spent most of that time working on these.  I think before this he thought I was a little crazy for all the crafting I do.  He thinks I’m completely off my rocker now.

jeromes trees 2

After a couple of tubes of glass and bead glue, and possibly some damaged brain cells, he had glued together 132 bottles and a variety of beads and decorations.  Not to mention inserting Christmas lights into every single bottle.

jeromes trees 4

The tree on the far right is actually made from mini-bar size vodka bottles.  Luckily, he was given the bottles already empty.  Otherwise we might have an entirely less attractive group of trees.  Here’s the vodka tree lit up.

jeromes trees 5

I didn’t get a photo of this one with the lights on, but it was a wedding gift for Jerome’s friend, who was one of the many married on 11/11/11.  Seems appropriate somehow.

jeromes trees 8

This blue tree is ours.  It looks really pretty in the window in my kitchen.

jeromes trees 6

Jerome is definitely the biggest Kiss fan I’ve ever met.  He has been for all of the 22 years I’ve known him.  This is his tree.

jeromes trees 7

I’ve never seen someone so happy to be done with a craft project.  In fact, it kind of seems like he’s running past my craft room when he comes in the house now.  I’d feel bad for him, except I really love my new blue tree. 

I think sometimes crafting is like having a baby.  Eventually, you forget the pain you went through to get the amazing end product and you do it all over again.