Friday Favorites–Gifts for Guys

Thanksgiving is over, and the Christmas season has officially begun.  If you’re not out shopping the Black Friday sales, you might be considering handmade gifts.  Actually, if you are out shopping, you might be standing in a LONG line contemplating the same thing, along with “What was I thinking?!?”

For the next few weeks, my Friday Favorites will be full of gift ideas and we’re going to start with the most difficult of all – guys.

I have a couple of bicyclists in my house who might appreciate this Cycling Cap from Dude Craft.


With all the holiday events coming up, maybe your guy could use this Bow Tie and Pocket Square from Craft.


My son has been working on this Paracord Belt from Instructables user Jake22 for months.  I should say he started it, made a mistake, then couldn’t decide whether to continue or fix it.  Still waiting on a decision.


I’m sure this Rubberband Gun from Sugar Bee Crafts was intended for a little boy, but I can totally picture my husband keeping one of these on his desk at work.

rubberband gun tutorial copy

This Pocket Knife Key Wallet from OnlyKnives just says “guy” all over it.

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, these Salted Chocolate “Twix” Bars from Crepes of Wrath are the expressway.


He might not know it yet, but your guy definitely needs a holiday tie, whipped up using this Father’s Day Tie tutorial from The Purl Bee.


If he’s less tie and more hoodie, try this Men’s Fleece Hoodie from Craftstylish instead.

I don’t know which would be more fun – to make this Bike Tube Wallet by Instructables user Captain Molo and give it to your guy, or give him a bike tube and the instructions to do it himself.


If you don’t want to make him something yourself, but still like the idea of handmade, check out this Shaving Kit from Etsy seller orangefuzz.  It includes beer shaving soap and comes in a cigar box.  It doesn’t get much more manly than that.