Friday Favorites–Gifts for Teens

The only people on the planet who are more difficult to craft for than men are teens.  If you’ve got a male teen, you’re nodding your head right now.  Fortunately, there are some good suggestions out there…and not one of them runs on batteries or has a USB connector.

Not often, but once in a while a teenager has a little cash.  This Capri Sun Wallet from Instructables user gwebisu would be the perfect place to keep it.


I have a thing for paper and writing tools, and it goes back to way before I was a teen.  I actually have a couple of notebooks and pens stashed to make this Covered Notebook and Matching Pen.


As a fad, friendship bracelets come and go.  I’m not sure where we are with them right now, but I’m guessing “in,” based on this Friendship Bracelet Kit from Perpetual Kid.


This DIY Hairpiece from Alex the Hungry Ghost would be a nice change of pace from, or maybe addition to, all the feathers out there right now.


This Simple Brown Skirt from Show, Tell, Share is a perfect casual, easy style for a teen.

brown skirt

So many kids need to carry a laptop computer back and forth to school these days.  You might want to protect that investment with this Reversible Laptop Sleeve from Film and Thread.


These Batman! Comic Book Flats from Cut Out and Keep are amazing.  Visit the page and scroll down to see all of the reader submitted versions.


What teenager doesn’t wear t-shirts?  This Easy T-Shirt Sketching project from Instructables user goosezilla would be fun to personalize for the recipient.


My son wants to put a hammock in his bedroom, otherwise known as the man-cave.  Unique Projects shows us how to make a simple version.


This is the most amazing journal I have ever seen.  Writing on photos?  Love it!  Visit Photojojo for complete instructions.


Good luck creating!