Friday Favorites–Gifts for Kids

My favorites this week cover that smallest group in the family – the kidlets.  The catch here is that if you have little kids it’s just a tiny bit harder to make ANYTHING, but they have to sleep sometime.

This Felt Car Mat/House from Cook Clean Craft is so portable and adorable.


My favorite part of the Schneeky Schnake from Holloughby is that he can wrap around stuff.  I’m picturing some little guy running around with this around his arm.

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I’ve seen lots of guitar pillows, but this Ukulele Pillow from Sew4Home is a first.  I like the fact that the strings are rows of stitching, rather than actual strings like some others, as I’d be concerned about the strangulation hazard if they were to sleep with it.


This mounted zebra head from iLoveToCreate is going to require a kid with a good sense of humor and a low freak-out threshold.  That said, my son would have loved it when he was younger.  Actually, he might take one now if I avoided that pink.


Speaking of my son, when he was about 4 years old my husband made him a tool bench for Christmas.  We had the HARDEST time trying to find toy tools that year.  Now, they’re everywhere, of course, making it a lot easier to find what you need to fill this Toy Tool Belt from Monkey See, Monkey Do.


These cute little Monster Tissue Pouches from Maker*Land would be great stocking stuffers or teacher gifts.


At 18 years old, my daughter would STILL love one of these Wooden Crayon Peg Boards from Lines Across My Face.  That girl can spend hours arranging things in rainbow order.  Among her favorites are Skittles, crayons, Legos and my Fiesta ware.


Topping this play table with chalkboard paint was a stroke of genius.  Thanks to I Heart Organizing for the instructions.


Oh, Angry Birds, you’re everywhere I turn!  This Angry Birds Can Toss Game from Homemade Beauties by Heidi will get them off the electronic version and moving.


Another cultural phenomenon right now are those pillow-animal-things.  I’ve never taken a close look at them, but I’m glad to see this Brown Bear Pillow tutorial from Sugar Bee Crafts so you can make your own.


Only a few crafting days left until Christmas!