Wrapping Up Christmas

I’ll admit, I didn’t make as many things for Christmas this year as I wanted to.  Time just wasn’t on my side.  At the very least, an apron and some cute stained-glass cookie ornaments are going back on the shelf for next year. 

I did get a few things done, like our annual pickled garlic.  My husband helped me for the first time this year and found out what a big job this really is.  Probably the only reason it always gets finished is because I have to make it in September, when fresh dill is in season and the Christmas rush hasn’t started yet.


These are photos from last year, but it’s pretty much been the same scene for a few years now.


My grandma’s 80th birthday was near Thanksgiving, so I made a stained glass necklace for her.  I actually loved the box even more than the necklace.


My son kind of showed me up on the Christmas gifts, and made a rope toy for the dog.  It was a prototype, so he already has ideas about how he can make it better next time.  Max doesn’t care – he loves it.


I cheated and bought a couple of things from Etsy sellers.  My daughter loves tea, so she found some Organic Chai from NaturalEarthOils in her stocking.


The other thing I bought was REALLY cheating, because it was for me.  But I love these Crocheted Fingerless Gloves from LifeIsAJourney50 so much, I don’t care.


One thing I’m really happy about, though, is the fact that I was done with the kids’ Christmas Eve pajamas BEFORE Christmas Eve, which has to be some kind of miracle.

I used the same scrubs pattern as last year for the boy.  I went with a camo/military fleece, which he seems to like (once he figured out what it was).


My daughter has been hinting around for a pair of footie pajamas for a couple of years now.  Ok, not so much hinting as flat-out asking.  Two issues have stopped me from buying her any, and they’re the same two issues that always came up when she had them as a baby.  The first problem is that she gets too hot and I knew she would roast in them if they had feet.  The second is that she doesn’t have a common shoe size.  To put it bluntly, I think the foot portion of the pajamas would be too tight.

I happened to be looking through a pattern catalog at a fabric store a couple of months ago, and came across a pattern for what is basically footie pajamas without the footies.  Perfect!


This is actually a very easy pattern.  The hardest part is putting in the zipper, and that’s only because it’s so long, which makes it difficult to access with the sewing machine.  Other than that, these came together in a snap.  I used Batman fleece and she loves them.


Handmade, store-bought, or somewhere in between, I hope you had a fantastic Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, Festivus or whatever else you felt like celebrating!