Friday Favorites–Around the House

When the Christmas decorations are up I don’t notice the little things that I’m unhappy with in our house.  They’re masked by all the lights and tinsel.  But as soon as I put those away, I start the list in my head of potential home-improvement projects for the year.  I think my husband would like for it to stay Christmas year-round.

This week, my Friday Favorites are taking a tour around the house.  I have one project for each room, just in case you don’t already have a list going of your own. 

Front Door – This Pebble Mat from Meli Melo Art might not withstand the wear and tear of being a welcome mat, but it would be pretty next to the entry with a plant on it. 


Living Room – If you haven’t already seen this Faux Metal Wall Art from Suzy’s Artsy Crafty Sitcom, you might be a little surprised to find out what they’re made from. 


Dining Room – Table runners can be pretty simple, and they’re usually rectangular, but this Simple Spring Table Runner from Moda Bake Shop is made from buttoned-together rounds that can also be used as placemats.  Brilliant!


Kitchen – My KitchenAid mixer is the same color as the one in this photo, so I’m finding it really hard to resist imitating the makeover that Craft Bake Domesticate has given hers.


Laundry Room – My laundry room is ugly.  It’s one of the spaces that hasn’t seen any updating since 1973, so it could really use something cute, like this Lost Socks Board from Somewhat Simple.

jan 021

Bathroom – I love the drapery grommet they used for the opening on this Tissue Box Cover at Sew4Home.


Bedroom – I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot more of this yellow and grey color combination this year, but with the addition of papaya-orange, as shown in this Garden Fence quilt from Hyacinth Quilt Designs.  I’m ok with that.


Office – Finding old keyboard keys might be the hardest part of this Keys to my Heart project from Paper, Plate and Plane.


Kids’ Room – Based on the bumps and bruises my kids used to walk around with, I don’t think you can have too many pillows.  This Paper Airplane Throw Pillow from Craftbits would be a cute addition to a child’s room, as long as you can keep them from throwing it. 


Garage – Who says you can’t craft for the garage?  These Aluminum Shelves from House to Home would be a great looking organizing tool.


Personally, I’ve been sick all week, so I’m just looking forward to getting something done in ANY room!