Friday Favorites–Beachy

My husband had to go to the coast for a seminar this week, and invited me to go along.  If you’ve never visited the beach in Oregon during the winter before, the storms are fun to watch.   I’ve been fighting a bug for a while, but have a hard time passing up an opportunity to go to the beach, so I tagged along.

We left the kids in charge of themselves for the first time ever.  They’re old enough, and we would only be gone for about 48 hours.  When we left, it had been snowing off and on for a few days, with very little of it sticking.  We had to drive through some snow to get over the pass, right into some 70 to 100 mile per hour winds at the beach, but weren’t concerned about the conditions at home.  This is what it looked like on the way over.

snow on 26

The very first night, the kids called us at about midnight.  The power had gone out a couple of hours before and the snow was piling up.  My husband gave them some instructions and told them to call back.  Shortly after that, they heard a loud boom, and looked outside to find several very large branches had fallen out of one of the big trees behind the house and wiped out a good-sized chunk of the rail around the deck.  It’s worse than this looks – those branches in the photo are about the equivalent of a tree.

deck Jan 2012

After spending most of that night awake, trapped in the hotel room most of the rest of the time thanks to the combination of my bug, the wind and the cold, I feel like I kinda missed the whole beach part.  Hopefully, that explains my odd choice of beachy stuff in January.  If not, be kind, it’s been a rough couple of days.

These Beach Shell Bath Fizzies from Beyond a Garden would be a fun use of those seashells that sometimes find their way to your home from the ocean.

Beach Shells Bath FIzzies Post-6

There’s usually a lot of driftwood on the beaches here in Oregon, definitely enough to make this Driftwood Lamp from Sweet Something Designs.


I love this simple and cute Stars of the Sea Shutter Headboard from Jane Coslick.

headboards 007

If you have little ones, you may find yourself the proud owner of a few too many seashells after a trip to the coast.  Try this Shell Memory Game from Family Crafts.


Maybe you just want a memento of a fun, family day at the beach?  Make this easy Beach in a Jar from Better Homes and Gardens.


These Shell Crabs from Kleas are just adorable.

This Coastal Mirror from Going a Little Coastal would be a nice addition to a beach-themed room.


I was a little fascinated with sand dollars when I was a kid – imagine if I had known I could make a Giant Sand Dollar like Crafts by Amanda.


This Beach Valentine from Shimmer Kai would be both fun to make and fun to give.


Now I think I’m going to have to go spend some time recovering from my days off.