My Second Blog Anniversary

I feel like I missed one of my kids’ birthdays.  I’m a big fan of celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, milestones, achievements…in fact, pretty much any excuse will do.  When the new year started I knew the second anniversary of my blog was coming up, so I started making plans.  For April.  I don’t know why I had that date in my head, but I didn’t bother to verify it.

birthday cupcake

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to look back at one of my early posts.  In the process of searching, I discovered that I actually started this blog on February 13, 2010.  That’s way before April, and has already passed.  I was so sad – I had missed it.

Then I realized…this is my blog and I can basically do whatever I want.  If that means celebrating my two-year milestone a month and a half late, so be it. 

My little party will start this Friday with a look back at some of my most popular posts.  Next week, you’ll want to check here for a couple of giveaways, an Etsy discount code and one of my most ambitious tutorials yet.

I’ve been working on this little space for (a little over) two years now, still love it, and want to give it a good start into year three!