Friday Favorites–Crafty Staci Top Ten

I started this blog two years ago.  My motivation came from a few different places.  I love to read and had always wanted to write, so I found blogs intriguing.  My kids were getting older, and didn’t require so much of my time, leaving me wondering what to fill that space with.  However, the biggest push came down to the fact that I had heard one too many people say they’d like to make things but weren’t creative, didn’t know how or thought it would be too hard.  I realized I was in a position to show them things they could do, while also demonstrating that there’s nothing wrong with making a few mistakes along the way.  I hope I’ve achieved that, but either way, it’s sure been fun trying.

As part of my blog’s second birthday, I’d like to take a look back at then ten most popular tutorials I’ve posted.  I am beyond thankful for everyone who has read them, commented, sent me emails and posted links to them.  What really stops me in my tracks is the thought that readers have used my patterns to make things for those they love.  That is a high honor and I’m very grateful.

10.  Passport Wallet – This was a tutorial I wrote as guest at Always Expect Moore.  She was posting a series called Pocket Week, and asked me to join.  I was headed out of the country for the first time, and needed something to hold my passport, so all the stars aligned and this wallet was born.

Wallet 17

9.  Paper and Wire Hearts – I almost felt guilty posting this as a tutorial.  I was really just playing around with some old craft supplies, and they were so simple, but I loved how they turned out. 

Paper Hearts 11

8.  Glass Block To-Do List – I’m still using this one, although I write quotes on it now instead of my to-do list.  I just don’t think you can go wrong with glass or river rocks.

glass block to-do list 9

7.  Felt and Wire Angel – The fun part of crafting can often be just gathering together a few supplies and seeing what happens.  This little angel happened like that.

Felt and Wire Angel 7

6.  Ninja Monkey Bag – This pattern has gotten a lot of mileage around our house.  I’ve made several of them, and now my daughter has made a few herself.  Until everyone we know has one, it shows no sign of slowing down.

Ninja Monkey Bag 10

5.  Creamer Bottle Snowman – I’m a total coffee addict.  Actually, I’m a vanilla creamer addict, but I like coffee in it.  I could make an army of these guys.


4.  Make Your Own Tags – I wasn’t sure there would be a lot of people out there interested in this tutorial, but I thought it was worth posting, even if only a couple of people needed it.  Turns out, this one has made it all the way to number four.

Labels 11

3.  More Fabric Flowers – So, I like to make flowers, thus the “More”.  I don’t have much of a green thumb, so I gave up on live plants in the house, and the ones outside better be pretty self-sufficient if they want to survive.  I can’t kill fabric.

NRE Fabric Flower 1

2.  Robin Hood Hats – You could have knocked me over with a feather, pun intended, when this tutorial took off.  I didn’t think anyone would care about this one, much less in April.  This pattern has been used for Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Prince Phillip, Green Arrow, Prince Charming and Pinocchio.  I’ve heard from people in other countries, seamstresses making costumes for plays and moms working on Halloween costumes or play clothes boxes.  In fact, this is still my favorite tutorial because it sums up what I’m trying to achieve here.

RH hat 12

1.  Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeves – This tutorial came out on top by a landslide.  The pattern has been downloaded thousands of times and it’s the most-clicked, pinned, shared, liked, stumbled, linked, tweeted and emailed thing on my entire blog.  And I almost didn’t post it because I thought there were lots of patterns for them out there already.  Go figure.

Coffee Cup Sleeve 1

Be sure to come back next week for giveaways, an Etsy discount code and a new tutorial!