Friday Favorites–Easter

One Easter, when my kids were little, I had a stroke of genius.  While they were sleeping I closed a bit of white cotton in the front door and when they got up I told them the Easter bunny caught his tail in the door on his way out.  Cute, huh?  Turns out, finding an amputated piece of bunny tail stuck in their house scared the jelly beans out of them.  Go figure.

Maybe I should have went with something more like these Carrots in Dirt from Our Dish.  Nobody cries when they get a cookie.  Unless it’s covered in dirt.  Well, once you’ve convinced them it’s tasty, edible dirt everything will be okay.

Carrots 13_1

I could just have just skipped the whole bunny idea completely and went with chickens and lambs instead.  Especially when they’re as cute as these two from Toastie Studio.


Who am I kidding?  There still has to be bunnies too.  How about a Sock Bunny from My Paper Crane?


Where there’s a bunny, there’s an egg.  How does that happen?  Anyway, check out this adorable Egg Tee from iCandy Handmade.


Speaking of eggs, it looks like if I want any dyed this year I have to do it myself, since my kids have decided they’re too old.  We’ll see who’s too old when I pull out the Kool-Aid to make these Kool Eggs from Hey Jen Renee.


Or maybe I’ll just color them after they’re out of the shell, like these Easter Eggs from Foodjimoto.


I actually tried making fabric eggs one year, similar to these from Retro Mama, but mine did not turn out in a nice egg shape like these.  I need to try again because I want these.


These bunny accessories from Etsy seller jennmcmillan are so sweet and completely still attached to the bunny.


I love Sun Scholars Edible Easter Spring Globes and I know that bunny is still sporting a tail back there.


Who am I kidding?  Bunny-less Bunny Ear Teething Ring from Etsy seller alskarbaby.  Love.  Enough said.


Happy Easter!