Friday Favorites–Gifts for Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Day is on May 8th this year.  We’ve been fortunate enough to be part of a great school system and my kids have had excellent teachers over the years.  Having volunteered in their schools for the past 15 years (whew!) I can tell you that those teachers bring a lot of themselves to their classrooms, both mentally and physically.  Their rooms are filled with things they’ve brought from home or purchased with their own money.  It’s always nice to show them a little appreciation and support as the year comes to a close.

Have you ever been in a classroom that doesn’t have a box of tissues floating around somewhere?  Nothing says they can’t be fancied up a little with this Tissue Box Cover from Sew-4-Home.


These Mod Podge Glass Clings from Mod Podge Rocks are shown on vases and glasses, but they would make great window decorations for a classroom.


This Something Special Card and Envelope from Sew, Mama, Sew takes a simple message of appreciation up a notch.


A common site on a teacher’s desk these days is a mouse.  The computer kind.  This Fabric Scrap Mousepad from How Joyful would give it something pretty to sit on.


This Post-it Note Holder from Smile Monsters is cute, functional and inexpensive to make.


I’ve noticed most teachers keep some sort of drink on their desk (water, coffee, Kool-Aid, etc.), making these DIY Fabric Covered Tile Coasters from Marie, Oh Marie a handy gift.

This Chalkboard Planter from Accidentally Wonderful is just cute.  I want one, and I’m not even a teacher.


I could see this Emergency Zippered Pouch from A Spoonful of Sugar might be handy to clip to their ID lanyard when they’re out of the classroom with the kids.

Emergency pouch 2

Gift cards are always nice for teachers, and a Gift Card Cozy like these from Make It and Love It make them a little more special.


Let’s face it – sometimes the best thing you can give your favorite teacher is cold, hard cash.  To soften that “cold, hard” part, try folding it into a bracelet with this tutorial from Under the Table and Dreaming.


There are a few ideas for gifts for teachers right here too!  Check out the Pencil and Paper Drink Sleeve and Mat (also in my Etsy shop right now), Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeves, Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags or Oval Mug Mat.

BIG THANKS to all the teachers out there!