I’m a big fan of shopping online.  I love being able to sit at my computer, in my pajamas, and look for anything I might need.  Or not need.  It also makes me happy that someone will bring it to my door. You all know I have a shop on Etsy, but they’ve come up with a few new things recently that make shopping there even better.  The big one for me is that you can now purchase from an Etsy shop without using PayPal.  You can simply use a credit card right from the cart.  Yay!

There’s also an Etsy feature I like called “Gift Ideas.”  It’s in the lower left corner of the home page, under “Ways to Shop.”  It looks at your Facebook friends’ interests and suggests related items.  Some of them are pretty good.  Some are just entertaining.  I laughed when it suggested a whole bunch of Strawberry Shortcake items for my son who likes strawberries.  But the chocolate chip cookies are spot on.


I just noticed you can now create a wedding registry on Etsy (upper left corner).  My wedding was almost 21 years ago, but I’m hoping other types of registries will follow.


This might be surprising, but I just recently placed my first order with  Fabric is one thing I rarely order online, mostly because I like to be able to feel it.  But the prices were too good to pass up, and I’m very impressed with them so far.  I ordered some swatches first, which were much bigger than I expected (about 8” squares) and came very quickly.    They offer very good sales and I found the colors and descriptions to be accurate.  I’ll definitely order again.


My most recent shopping discovery is called Tophatter.  It’s an auction website, but it’s different than any I’ve seen before.  It seems to be handmade, vintage and supplies, and from what I’ve seen so far many of the sellers are from Etsy, looking for a new outlet for their goods.  It’s fun to watch, if only for the little animated auctioneer.

Handmadeology will be hosting a Live Mother’s Day Auction on Tophatter on May 5th, which might be a good time to check it out.  It appears that Tophatter gives you a $5 credit to use toward your first purchase over $5.  I haven’t used mine yet, and it’s only good the day you register, so keep that in mind if you decide to check out the site.

Edit:  When I wrote this post, I had applied to be part of the Handmadeology Mother's Day Auction, but didn't know if I would be accepted - I was!  Also, I've been given 10 Tophatter invitations, so if you need one, email me and I'll invite you.


Now I’ve got to give the shopping a break and get back to work.  Let me know if you try any of these out!