Friday Favorites–Canning Jars

You really can’t set foot on Pinterest without tripping over a canning jar.  I’d like to say, based on my constant attempts at being original, that makes me avoid them at all costs.  Truth is, I love those little jars.  You put something in a Mason jar and it’s suddenly cuter and tastes better.  I have two jars of buttons in my sewing room, a jar of pens in my office, a jar of rocks in my living room, not to mention the multitude of jars in the kitchen.  I would like to point out one thing though – I had all of those before Pinterest even existed.

I’m trying to find some canning jar glasses.  I know, I could just use regular canning jars, but they make them without the threading around the top, which makes them easier to drink from.  I know this, because there is one in my cupboard.  One.  Until I find a whole set and for parties and kidlets, I’d love to make some of these drinking jars with lids from 3191 Miles Apart.


With four licensed drivers in our house and three cars, there’s a constant key shuffle going on.  We could definitely use a Mason Jar Key Hook like this one from Shanty 2 Chic.


I posted this recipe for Gingerbread Cookie Mix in a Jar on AllRecipes years ago.  They actually liked it enough to use it in one of their print recipe books.  This isn’t my photo, so many thanks to the contributor who added it.  The aroma alone makes this a fun project.


I recently bought some indoor plants.  That may not seem like a big deal, but I am a plant serial killer.  These have made it for a few weeks now, and they’re still healthy, which is a miracle.  If this continues, I might get confident enough to try this Mason Jar Wall Planter from Not Just a Housewife.


I’ve seen a lot of cupcakes baked in jars, but what I like about this one from According to Kelly is that it’s baked in a regular pan and then smooshed into the jar, layered with frosting.  I’m picturing that giving it a little denser texture, which sounds scrumptious.


This Sewing Kit in a Jar from Funkytime is just adorable.  I would never be able to take anything out of it to use because it would ruin it.  And I’m gonna need that red and white twine to lay next to it.


The Decorated Cookie shares an entire meal in jars, which really makes me want to go on a picnic.  As soon as it stops raining.


Here’s another thing I love about these jars.  How many meals can you decorate and avoid actual dishes?  This Chili and Cornbread from Giverslog looks delicious and fancier than any chili I’ve ever made.


This Naturally Flavored Water from The Yummy Life not only sounds tasty, but it just looks pretty.  “No, kids, you have to have a raspberry one this time – you’re going to ruin my rainbow.”


Since it’s always fun to end on a sweet note, how about Salted Caramel Sauce from Recipe Girl?


If you’re as hooked on these as I am and you have some time to kill, take a trip over to Pinterest and search canning jar.  Do not, unless you’re a fan of that obnoxious Star Wars guy, search just “jar.”  You’re welcome.