Friday Favorites–Go Outside

I can’t believe we’re nearing the end of August already.  We’ve had such a busy summer we didn’t even get a chance to go camping.  Our evening walks get earlier and earlier, trying to make it home while there’s still daylight.  Because of when Labor Day falls, school is even starting a bit early this year.  But we’re not done yet, and I found a few ways to make the best of those dogs days we have left.

One of the things we love about where we live is that we overlook a valley with a river running through it.  However, where there’s water, there’s mosquitos and apparently I’m some sort of delicacy to them.  They will ignore everyone else just to bite me.  So, the bats are our friends.  It’s fun to sit on our back deck and watch them swoop around grabbing those little blood suckers mid-air.  We should build them a home, like this Bat House from This Old House.


I love outdoor games, like these Diced Darts from Lowe’s.

These Neck Coolers from Little Birdie Secrets might come in handy for those last few bursts of hot weather.


I love coconut and I don’t mind mixing it with a little pineapple once in a while.  These Pina Colada Ice Pops from AllRecipes user D. Licious sound yummy and tropical.


We had to skip camping this year, but next year I’d love to make these Orange Rolls Cooked in Oranges from Truly Simple


I also wouldn’t mind trying out these Campurritos from Ninth and Bird.


I kill plants.  There are three pots on my front porch proving I’m a brown-thumbed serial killer.  Maybe someone out there with more regard for the life of fauna can make this DIY Organic Vertical Planter from Instructables user FireCGun.


These DIY Paint Can Lights from Lowe’s would be fun for a late summer party.

We’ve all seen the dirt-and-worms style desserts before, but I’ve never seen such an accurate representation of sand as in this Sand Pudding from Ma Nouvelle Mode.  It might actually take some convincing to get this little ones to try this – but only the first bite.


I actually watched two hummingbirds duke it out over a flower in my yard a couple of days ago.  They were going at it so hard I was actually worried one of them might do some damage to the other.  For the sake of peace I should probably make this Plastic Spoon and Bottle Hummingbird Feeder from Shabby Beach Nest.


Now, get out there and enjoy the last of summer before it disappears!