Buying Your First Sewing Machine

I’m going to give you a quick little window into the crazy that is my life right now.  My husband is the lieutenant at a police department a couple of towns over from where we live.  They were fortunate enough to have their residents vote to approve a bond for a new building a couple of years ago.  After all the planning and building, it’s mostly finished.  We just had a big community open house and a police family barbecue last weekend, which I’ve been on the committee to plan all summer.  It was a whirlwind and lots of work, but they have such a great group of people who deserved something better than the old converted bank building that was falling down around them.

Outside bldg sm

In addition to that, my daughter’s birthday is Wednesday, then we move her to college on Sunday.  When that’s finished, we start getting ready to ship my husband off to Quantico, Virginia two weeks later, where he’ll be attending a special training program at the F.B.I. until Christmas.  Did I mention customers have begun their holiday shopping in my Etsy store?  Told you…crazy.

I tell you all this because I hope it will help you understand why, rather than writing an article of my own on how to choose a sewing machine, I’m going to direct you to some people who’ve already done it.


It’s been MANY years since I was shopping for a new sewing machine.  My first machine was a garage sale find whose brand I’ve blocked from my memory.  That thing gave me nightmares.  It was beyond lazy, didn’t want to do anything and ate thread like it was spaghetti.  My second was my current Pffaf Tipmatic 6152 that’s been with me 10 or 15 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

sewing light 1

That’s not to say you shouldn’t shop garage sales for a machine.  There are plenty of workhorses out there that still work great.  My advice is, do your homework before you make a purchase, whether it’s new or used.  And congratulations on bringing a fun new toy into your life.  I’m just trying to squeeze in a little quality time with the one I have!