Friday Favorites–Yellow

Since my chicklet’s birthday was this week, I decided to focus on her favorite color – yellow.  It’s been that way since she was very little.  She’s currently in her second bedroom that’s painted a yellow so bright you could probably see it from space if we didn’t have a roof.  In our last house, the sun shone into her room in the morning and I almost needed sunglasses to wake her up. 

This sign from OhDierLiving on Etsy would suit both her bubbly personality and love of the color of the sun.


I have to admit, I don’t understand Toms.  However, after watching my daughter’s toes pop out holes in the sides of hers when they were only 3 months old, I think this Tom’s Refashion from Elemental Carbon would be a good link to hang onto.


I really like the combination of the yellow and coconut buttons on this Fold-Over Button Pillow from Make It and Love It.


The happy yellow on this Every Little Thing sign for sale at Susie Harris really sells the message.

Every little thing 006

It would be hard to talk about yellow without something lemon.  I’m a huge fan of lava cake, but this Lemon Lava Cake from Confessions of a Semi-Domesticated Mama turns it up a notch.


This bright yellow T-Shirt Ruffle Scarf from Vermillion Rules would be a nice way to bring a little sun into the dreary winter that will be here before we know it.


I could see these cute Lemon Coin Purses from A Creative Cookie as party favors for a little girl.


My favorite part about this Piped and Pocketed Canvas Tote Bag from Fabric Paper Glue is the braided handle that combines the inside and outside fabrics.


Did you know there is such a thing as Pineapple Pie?!?  I didn’t, or I would have tried this recipe from Fork and Spoon already.  I imagine this would be delicious chilled.  Yum.


I’ve been trying not to talk about it EVERY single day, but we’re taking Codi to her college the day after tomorrow.  I’m going to save away this Sunshine in a Box idea from Katherine Marie’s Photography for the first time I get a teary, homesick phone call.  Or text.  Or Facebook message.


yellow heart white bg