Friday Favorites–Camouflage

My little boy, although you can’t really call someone little who wears size 14 shoes and has a voice so deep it startles people, is turning 17 next week.  I thought it would be appropriate to focus on his favorite color this Friday:  camouflage.  It is a color, just ask him. We made camo paracord bracelets a couple of years ago.  Tucker has worn his nearly every day since.  He’s currently working on a belt, similar to this one from theangryrobot on Etsy.


I think he would enjoy these Camouflage Cupcake Sandwiches from Life Is Sweets, but I’m trying to figure out how I can work a little pumpkin into the filling.


Another option is camouflage cookies, using this how-to from The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.


Just in case you were wondering how to do it, here’s the How to Camouflage Your Truck instructions you’ve been looking for, courtesy of Truck Test Digest.  Considering our son is currently driving my husband’s truck, we might be in trouble here.


My son and our boxer, Max, are buddies.  I’m afraid this Camouflage Dog Coat from FaveCrafts would put that relationship to the test, but Max would look good in it anyway.

dog coat

He’d probably want them in a different color, but I could see Tucker wearing these Camouflage Sneakers from T-Shirt Diaries.


Digital camo is good too, so he’d definitely like these Camouflage Cookie Boxes from Don’t Eat the Paste.  Especially if they came pre-filled.


Tucker would have loved this Card Table Playhouse from Sew Much Ado when he was little.  He probably still has just enough four-year-old left in him, we’d find him inside.

Sewing and Crafts 044

I love this Military Uniform Tote from Sew Like My Mom.  If my son’s current Air Force dreams play out, I might have to get him to save me an old jacket.


During my search for fun camo projects to share with you, I came across an organization that definitely deserves a shout-out.  It’s called the Camo Quilt Project.  You can read all about it on their blog, but they send camouflage quilts to soldiers overseas.  To date, they’ve shipped over 17,000.  Look at all those zeros!  If you’re looking for a way to help out a soldier, check them out.

Sewing with Nancy quilt pic

Happy Birthday Tucker!