Friday Favorites–Halloween Costumes

Before I get into my favorites today, I wanted to share a bit of good Etsy news.  They’re now offering gift cards!  To celebrate, they’re giving a few away.  You can click here to enter and, in the interest of full disclosure, when you click through you get an entry and so do I.  Imagine what you could do with $100 on Etsy! Now, on to today’s topic – Halloween costumes.  I’ve only dressed up for Halloween a handful of times as an adult.  When I was working for the credit union we did a branch-wide Peter Pan theme one year.  We had a television in the lobby playing the movie, all of the loan officers were pirates, the member reps were Lost Boys, the head teller was Captain Hook and the rest of us filled in the remaining characters.  I was Princess Tiger Lily, and I also made Peter Pan and Tinkerbell’s costumes.  It was a competition between the different branches and I don’t remember if we won or not, only that it was a very fun day.  In my book, that means we nailed it.

Get ready for the “Aww.”  What’s cuter than a baby?  A Sock Monkey baby, like this one from Grosgrain.


What’s cuter than a Sock Monkey baby?  Well, nothing really, but what’s just as cute?  A Moose baby, wearing this adorable and easy costume from Dollar Store Crafts.


Personally, if I were going to dress up this year (which the office staff at my one-woman-work-at-home business has voted against.  She’s no fun) I’d go for this Gumball Machine from Inchmark.


My son’s favorite movie when he was small was Toy Story.  This Toy Army Guy costume from Wild Ink would have been a huge hit.


I don’t think it’s too late, though, for my teenager to try out this Abducted by Aliens costume from Coolest Homemade Costumes.  That alien would just have to be a foot or two taller.


Maybe you’re looking for an adorable costume you don’t have to make?  Check out this Spunky Skunk from TheLittlePeaBoutique on Etsy.


I always loved costumes that my kids could wear, at least in part, after Halloween.  Pajamas were a favorite.  I could see this Twirly Butterfly Skirt from The Train to Crazy getting a lot of post-Halloween use.


Sometimes you’re not looking for an entire costume, but just a little something different to spice up your Halloween.  This Bat Bow Tie from Wear the Canvas would be a fun accessory.


I don’t know what the answer to the “What are you supposed to be?” question would be when it comes to using these googly eyed shoes from Glitter ‘N Glue as your costume, but I don’t care.  I want them.


I love group costumes.  I wonder if I could still get my family to dress up as S’mores with me, like this at Family Fun?  I think I can picture my daughter as a candy bar, but I don’t know how we’re going to fit my son in that fire-wagon.